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2 years ago

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I am a girl body against a great good. Having this violin - my body has thousands, in fact, is thousands of flirting, courting invitations to travel, clubs, business cards and some rude too. Over time I grew fed by this, but my attraction to drop dead I also got a good loving husband, he was my first man. Therefore, if after a few years of marriage, he told me I had flytube the fantasy that I have sex with another man surprised me. He insisted, for three years until one day, that our relationship and the economic situation in the lower a man offered me a ride for the flytube first time I took it. I was very touched and see your winning smile, though she was ugly, but it was so funny and fun! A car with added style won. I told my husband about the trip home, and he was so happy, and insisted that I accept your invitation for a drink. Finally, I attended a speed date with him, and resulted in a second. In the flytube midst of what to expect down the road several times in the morning and weFamiliar form, so that flytube for the second time I admit, I was so excited that I had a shower and perfumed my private parts, decides to go all the way - I do not say, my husband took me a drink and kissed me for the first time and many more, and then to a dark nightclub, which has just kiss and touch a lot, my thighs sexy. So he asked me to "another place" (invitation awaited to go) and gladly said yes. Sex was not the best, flytube but for me it was heaven, I heard her kisses taste of my husband - I am unique. Then I had to suck his dick for him flytube to get an erection while he was what I had oral sex. Finally, I came hard, but fucked without me, but I was so in the second experiment -in-my flytube - life excited. My dedication and nudity made ​​me feel that I belonged to him and has great enthusiasm. He made me feel like a woman that was so hard it is to kiss and I love more than my husband always smooth performance. Of course, I feltI loved not at this time. Finally, only went once and my husband has never experienced this date. But we moved to another country and never saw him again. I called twice for long distance calls, but he was busy with customers and felt that for me is pretty cool and not in keeping love alive. Ten years have passed, they insist on correcting my husband and I the relationship, but I always remember this as my gallant knight on horseback Randy and I, of course! David made ​​me promise never to see it, but I think if I go back to my hometown, I wish he and some others. I know it would be easy.
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